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to R.

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i don’t rebel against existence; i rebel against you putting boundaries on mine.

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to R.
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nadiaraleigh12: ello friend i think what you write is beautiful and i would reblog but i hit post limit but I REALLY WANT TO SHOW MY APPRECIATION because it is. so. effing. wonderful. words are weird because they're just noises croaking out of a throat or etchings on a paper/screen but they can make you smile, laugh or both. i think what you write is amazing and you are amazing and just... yeah UwU

oh my god thank you!!! ; u ; it’s a really personal piece as you can probably tell so this means SO MUCH thank you wonderful person

on 4 Feb about 2 months ago with 2N
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When I fell in love for the first time
he was a man and I was fifteen and
fuzzy around the edges, solid only in mirrors
and in my head. And I realise now that it
had to be him because he was everything I
needed a man to be: miles away, alien,
uninterested in my fingers laced with his.
He was beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but he
looked better with someone else in his
arms in a candid shot in a celebrity mag
than he would have with me.
All the times afterward it was with women,
sometimes with girls. I still don’t know what
this says about me, or them, but at night I
feel as substantial as my reflection will have
me believe. My mirrors still tell lies now,
different ones, but this time I recognise them
for what they are. It aren’t really my lips that
I paint red now in what will never be Chanel,
but my soul. They say that beauty is only
skin-deep and they might be right
but I will fight to prove them wrong.

growing up was different from what they told me when I was twelve.
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what are we if not creatures of the black?

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love-catastr0phe: Wow your poetry is really great! Keep it up :)

i appreciate it thank you!!!

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